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Elsie Szakal 1974-Logan County School bus driver until 70 year old

My mom, Elsie Szakal, was born October 25, 1918 at Rawl, WV and passed away on November 7, 1999 at Salem, Virginia.  She lived in Cherry Tree for a good part of her life.  Elsie Szakal drove Logan County School bus number 50 for 36 years beginning in 1952 and ending in 1989 when she was 70 years of age.  Her bus route covered Cherry Tree, White’s Addition and Mt. Gay Junction.  She transported students to Mt. Gay Grade School.  The older kids were then picked up and tranported to Logan Junior High and Logan High Schools.

Driving through the rain and snow, mom never had an accident and was known for getting her students to school on time.  During elections she drove voters back and forth to the precincts to enable people to vote.  Of course helping keeping an incumbent in office also added to job security.

___Bob Szakal


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  1. Elsie and old Bus # 50 was a big part of my childhood. She was there every school day of my life from 4th Grade at Mt. Gay until my junior year at LHS when we moved to Virginia. All the kids liked Elsie. I think if any politician would have tried to replace Elsie, they would have been rode out of town on a rail.

  2. I lived between the two stone bridges and rode #50 school bus from 1955-59,Elsie was so good to all the kids.

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